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Dankzij Redeemcodes.com maak je kans om de volgende app voor je iPhone of iPad te winnen: WithholdingCalc

Tax time is coming! Are you ready for it?

WithholdingCalc is an ad-free estimator for your pay check. Input your pay check gross pay, pre-tax deductions (insurance, 401k, etc.), filing status, state, and withholding allowances from your W-4 and get an estimate of how much of each of your pay checks is going to the government, and how much is going into your pocket. You can see how to optimize your monthly budget and make sure you’ve had enough taxes held back for tax time!

Want to get even more advanced? Switch over to the advanced view and you can enter extra withholding amounts for both Federal and State taxes, and separate filing status and withholding allowance amounts for your state to get an even more accurate picture of your tax withholding. WithholdingCalc lets you easily manipulate the numbers from your W-4 form to help you get an accurate picture of your budget and how much tax withholding you will have accumulated for tax season.

WithholdingCalc is based on current 2012 tax rates for federal and state tax rates for the 41 states that have income tax plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

WithholdingCalc uses an annualized method for computing taxes for most jurisdictions. This means that the total tax withholding that it computes may be slightly different from what your employer computes. Generally the two numbers will agree to within a few cents. If they don’t, please use our contact form to let us know and we’ll investigate it!

As the tax tables for 2012 are released, we’ll be updating WithholdingCalc so you can get an early start on planning for the next tax year! As we do, we’ll be pulling in more finer grained withholding tables so that the calculations are even more accurate for the various states.

With most of the updates for 2012 tax brackets now in place, we’ll be adding in some of the features we’ve been working on, like the option to compute your pay check based on an hourly pay rate (with or without overtime pay), calculations for places where there are local taxes as well as state taxes, and more accurate options for states like Arizona which use flat percentage options for withholding instead of a withholding allowance amount.

WithholdingCalc is not endorsed by any taxing authority, including the Department of the Treasury or the Internal Revenue Service (They want you to give them too much money 🙂 ).

2013 brackets are on the way!

Maak hier je kans om deze app te winnen…

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